Learn how Aliro will revolutionize how you source, hire and retain the best quality candidates.  Aliro is the best employment referral platform for companies of all sizes!

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Hire smarter, not harder

Faster hiring, accurate candidate scoring, better job candidates and an easy way to automate the job referral process. Use the power of your employees’ personal and professional networks and external social networks to staff your enterprise with quality recruits.


Of employer’s rate referrals as #1 source of quality hires.


Of all new hires came from referrals in 2016.


Why aren’t referrals a larger portion of your hires?


Our Database

Aliro’s proprietary database has over 200 million potential referrers and candidates with a diverse set of skills and talents. Enable your employees to refer candidates in their own network with ease.



Our search algorithms and advanced analytics help you target the right potential candidates and referrers.



Aliro is the only comprehensive referral platform designed to support companies that want to hire veterans and veteran candidates.

Aliro's Desktop View

Enhance your talent acquisition teams with Aliro.

With Aliro, it is easy for employees to refer the best candidates for your open job positions.

Leverage the power of your employees and their personal networks to fill your job openings. Find which candidates are the best fit and manage the hiring process all with the click of a button.

Our automated job-referral engagement engine manages the hiring process from referral to final offer with personalized emails and reminders, success fee calculator, and post-hire success fee payment.

Hire faster, better and improve retention. Employee-referrals are the preferred method of hiring for HR executives.



Our monetary awards and recognition program incentivize your employees to refer job candidates.



Aliro is built to help your enterprise identify targeted needs like diversity hiring.


Easy To Use

Aliro is a SaaS solution that can be deployed in  24 hours. Aliro provides a mobile solution for Android and iOS that goes where the referrers are.

Request a Demo of the Aliro Platform

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