BROOMALL, PA, JULY 11, 2018– G4S, the leading global, integrated security company, specializing in the provision of security services and solutions with operations in about 90 countries, and Aliro, the leading advanced employment referral platform to source and hire talent, have teamed up to enhance G4S’ talent recruiting for its United States based operations. This partnership will introduce the first formal referral program for G4S’ recruiting efforts.

Today, 88 percent of employers rate referrals above all other sources for quality new hires due to the speed to hire, productivity and longer tenures of referred candidates. To take full advantage of this, G4S will leverage Aliro’s advanced employment referral platform to source and hire talent across its organization. Aliro will facilitate the delivery of referred candidates from both employees and external community sources for any type of job opening across the organization, including exempt, non-exempt, hourly, temp-to-hire and targeted diversity hiring while completely managing the referral bonus payments process for G4S.

This will help deliver G4S the most efficient and cost-effective talent hiring solution available while engaging those who are invested in G4S into its hiring process, including employees, partners, and the surrounding community.

One of the most significant talent pools G4S hires from is military veterans. In fact, G4S has hired tens of thousands of veterans who make up approximately 22 percent of the company’s workforce. To further enhance and grow the identification and hiring of military veterans, G4S is engaging AliroVets which is the advanced employment referral platform that is specifically designed and developed for veteran-preferred hiring. The solution is built upon Aliro’s core employment referral technology but is exclusively focused on helping companies identify and hire military veterans into their organizations.

“Our employees are the backbone of our organization, so elevating the efficacy and efficiency of our recruiting with Aliro is critical to G4S’ ongoing success,” explained Geoff Gerks, Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer at G4S. “Beyond this, G4S is highly committed to hiring our veterans, who are often ideal employees for our company due to the specialized training, tactical experience, and strong work ethic they have. Aliro’s veteran-specific platform, AliroVets, is the ideal solution for us to leverage to help grow our veteran-hiring initiatives through the effective and efficient hiring method of referrals.”

“Aliro is excited to use our technology to help enhance G4S’ hiring and address their recruiting challenges as their organization continues to grow and evolve,” said Robert Archibald, Founder and CEO of Aliro. “We’re particularly proud to partner with G4S to use our advanced, veteran-specialized employment referral technology, AliroVets, to help military veterans find careers they are often well-trained for within the G4S organization. We believe there is no better way to help honor our veterans than to help them find meaningful careers that leverage the training and expertise they gained from their military service, and few employers are better positioned to do this with us than G4S.”

About G4S

G4S is the world’s leading, global, integrated security company specializing in the provision of security and related services across six continents.

The group is active in around 90 countries, and is the largest employer quoted on the London Stock Exchange with over 570,000 employees and has a secondary stock exchange listing in Copenhagen. For more information on G4S, visit

About Aliro

Aliro is an advanced, comprehensive employment referral platform that was purpose built with talent acquisition leadership to enable, compensate, track, manage and pay all employee and external referrals, the most powerful and successful method of hiring talent.  Aliro was designed for organizations who understand the power and efficacy of referrals and want to expand them to fill job openings in a faster, more efficient, and economical way. Aliro‘s technology and unique business model enable people to tap into their vast professional and personal networks to leverage the power of referrals. Aliro facilitates the delivery of referred candidates who are both internal and external to the company for any type of job opening, including exempt, non-exempt, hourly, temp-to-hire, diversity and veteran-preferred, among others, while completely managing the referral bonus payments, thus, providing the most efficient and cost-effective solution to find the best candidates. For more information on Aliro visit

About AliroVets

AliroVets is an advanced employment referral platform specifically designed and developed for veteran-preferred hiring and developed on Aliro’s advanced employment referral technology. AliroVets delivers veteran candidates from both internal company and external community networks for organizations that understand the power and efficacy of referrals, value the discipline, commitment and work ethic of veterans and want to expand veteran hiring in a faster, more efficient, and economical way. For more information on AliroVets, visit