We built Aliro because we are passionate about enabling organizations to increase referral-based hires. Simply put referrals make the best hires. Referred candidates stay longer; perform better; and are quicker to hire. 

We believe referrals should be the main source of hires at every organization.

Aliro has developed a SaaS (Software as a Service) employment referral platform which is accessible from any internet connected device. Aliro has taken an innovative approach by rewarding you for referring your friends, family, and colleagues to opportunities on the platform.

Aliro’s employment referral platform is where individuals like yourself get paid for referring friends hired by our customers who have posted positions on Aliro.

It is a fact that referred employees are hired faster, are better employees and stay longer at companies than candidates hired through other methods.

Aliro is a REFFERAL-BASED platform, rewarding individuals with a success fee for a successfully hired candidate.

Aliro is a “Referral”-based platform, paying individuals like you for recommending others to open positions on the Aliro platform.  If there is a family member, friend and/or colleague who may be looking for a new opportunity and you, as a user of the Aliro platform, refer a connection to one of the many opportunities on the site, and if your referral is hired, you may both share in the success fee.

For example,  a job posting has a success fee of $4,000.  The job posting indicates that the success fee will be split equally between the candidate and referrer which each eligible for $2,000. If you know someone who is qualified and interested in the job, you simply refer them to the job on Aliro.  If they are hired, you and your colleague will each get $2,000.  Note that the fees vary from job to job as well as the amounts paid to the candidates and referrers.  Your friend or colleague could consider this a signing bonus and you can plan your next vacation or home improvement project.  The Aliro platform is a new way of leveraging your personal and professional network, and to be rewarded for doing so.

Corporate recruiters make a lot of money referring job candidates to employers!  Now, with the Aliro platform, you can, too.  Sign up , and start referring your professional network today!

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